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Strategic Planning

The team at ProWorx will go above and beyond to assist you with achieving your objectives.

How We Help You Succeed

A team of Executives, Finance Experts, and Accountants are ready to help solve your next challenge

How can we help you?

The ProWorx Accounting and Consulting proven accounting system allows for this exceptional level of personal attention and care to a geographically diverse group of business owners with our up-to-date technology and dedicated staff.

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Cloud-Based Design

ProWorx Accounting and Consulting utilizes a proven cloud-based system to deliver our accounting and consulting services to you.

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Committed to your success

We have a team of experts that specialize in all facets of successful business management from analysis to executive level consultation and guidance.

Accounting Done Right

We offer monthly CFO services for your business so that your financial records are organized, reconciled, and up to date at all times.

You’ll get a highly qualified and experienced financial expert, so you can rest assured your financial information is in good hands.

Here are just a couple of services we provide:

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Payroll Processing

ProWorx Accounting and Consulting conquers your payroll needs with complete confidence! This includes affordable, full-service payroll processing and quarterly payroll filings. Direct deposit management is available to simplify employee payments. Easy mobile time and location tracking is also available.

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Bill Payments

Our team will track and record your bills for proper accounting treatment and cut-off to ensure accurate financial records. We will also issue payments on your behalf, following your guidelines and expectations for when to pay bills. Approval controls can be implemented throughout the process.

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Do you have a need for an expert level CFO or Controller to assess your financial strategies and processes? ProWorx Accounting and Consulting offers engagement options for you.

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Risk and Fraud Mitigation

We can help you identify weaknesses for fraud, inaccuracies, and data manipulation. In our changing and advancing global world, this is an overly critical and specialized area. We have years of experience.

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We offer auditing services ranging from credit review of loan files, process/procedure review of operational functions, financial statement/reporting quality and assurance, and specialized audit engagements for new implementations of technology or processes.

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Why ProWorx?

The ProWorx Accounting and Consulting team has years of experience and professional accomplishments in Accounting, Finance, Credit, Risk, Executive Leadership, Strategy, System Conversions, Auditing Services, Operating Efficiencies and Enhancements, Internal Controls Assessment, Design, and Implementation, and Solving Unique and Complex Issues. With extensive experience in many diverse industries, we are the solution to help with any challenge, issue, or business need from a professional expert. Our team works onsite or remote to effectively collaborate and achieve success with our clients.

Our specialized approach blends critical skills and experiences with your unique needs in a collaborative, positive, and mutually beneficial relationship. Success for ProWorx Accounting and Consulting is ultimately driven by your success. The ProWorx Accounting and Consulting team is committed to excellence and customer focused service.

Committed to your Success

Team members at ProWorx Accounting and Consulting are committed to providing you with the accounting and business support you need to run a successful business. We are dedicated to meeting your ongoing needs.

ProWorx Accounting and Consulting is committed to assisting you through any challenge and that is accomplished and conquered in a friendly and positive way! We complete a wide array of engagements from advisory strategy on a specific issue to full operation of a business segment. If there is anything business management related, we can help.

We have a team of experts that specialize in all facets of successful business management from analysis to executive level consultation and guidance.

We have assembled a team that has diverse experience in a variety of industries. We provide one-time engagements, as well as ongoing support and administrative items, from staff accountant/analyst needs all the way up to executive CEO level support.

Our founders established a business platform that serves two primary purposes – external CFO services and consulting.

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Our Values

ProWorx Accounting and Consulting Core Values

Our system of core values drives our business. These values enable us to help you achieve success. The value system is at the heart of ProWorx Accounting and Consulting and our behaviors demonstrate our commitment to this culture and mindset.

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As a trusted advisor, client information is safe and secure. All information and data transmission done in a secure manner and strict confidentiality is always maintained.

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We operate with honest and strong professional principles.

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ProWorx Accounting and Consulting is committed to effective and efficient execution with a team of professionals to meet a well-defined common goal.

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We take great ownership, pleasure, and satisfaction in the quality of our work ensuring our clients have continued success.

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ProWorx Accounting and Consulting operates with resolve, perseverance, and enthusiasm during all client engagements.

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We are Transparent with our Values

Clients need to understand the professional principles that ProWorx Accounting and Consulting will demonstrate.